Terms of service

Read over the terms of Navigate's service before you submit a contact form to request an appointment

Services offered by Navigate are for wellness coaching purposes only. Though Navigate offers services to support mental and emotional well-being, these services are not a substitute for therapy or long-term therapeutic treatments offered through a licensed counseling or similar clinical agency. If Navigate provides a referral or recommendation for alternate services, it is the customer's responsibility to pursue such aid. 

Navigate does not maintain records of identifying information. Customers can communicate with Navigate through a standard internet/phone connection outside of the website, which is HIPAA-compliant. Furthermore, Navigate does not provide crisis intervention, and clients experiencing anything that constitutes an emergency should not contact Navigate for any form of support.

Clients who contact Navigate are under no obligation to maintain a working relationship with a wellness coach, and understand that payments for appointments are due at least 4 hours prior to the scheduled session time. If an appointment is cancelled, payment will be refunded through the same payment method by which payment was submitted, or applied to the rescheduled appointment.

Clients who sign up for coaching support are eligible for up to six (6) months of support, with regular goal evaluation every two (2) months. After six months, clients may wish to purchase additional sessions for up to two (2) additional months. Clients who require additional support will receive referrals to the appropriate agency, according to each client's needs. 

Lastly, Navigate reserves the right to cancel and reschedule appointments in case of unexpected events, and will provide at least 12 hours' notice (by email, Navigate's Facebook Messenger, or by text) whenever possible. Navigate's coach expects the same courtesy should clients need to reschedule or cancel as well.