An expert listener

Since 2015, I’ve been developing the skills that my master's degree in counseling provided a solid foundation for. But even before the degree, my professional and personal experiences enhanced my role as a sounding board--a safe space where people could discuss what they were going through without judgment. People have always come to me when they need to talk through something, and I recognized there was something special about this. 

My focus has always been on growth, learning, self-awareness, empowerment, communication, and interpersonal relationships. After working as an educator for 8 years, and as a therapist for 4, I decided to take my skills and apply them in a new way. That's how Navigate was born!

Maybe you need help identifying a goal. Maybe you need insight about a particular topic. Or maybe you just need someone to listen while you talk through some drama that's been happening in your life. I have experience helping adults navigate a variety of issues. I manage my own symptoms of anxiety and depression, and have been on both sides of a working relationship, so I understand how hard it can be to reach out for help, but also how helpful it can be when you find someone to talk to who can really help you sort through things. 

My areas of expertise include sexual and gender identity, sexual education, emotion management, confidence-building, and coping skill development. I see these areas as facets of life that we are all continuously working to understand about ourselves and each other. I enjoy providing the space for discourse and exploration on any of the issues that affect our experiences and perceptions. 

The idea behind Navigate is to provide support for short-term goals. Sessions span over the course of two, four, or 6 months, depending on your needs. Navigate seeks to help people develop the skills and tools they need to better function in their daily lives, and solidify their insight so that they can better confront other goals long after our working relationship has ended. It is an honor and a privilege to be a part of a person's growth, and I feel extremely fortunate to be able to offer this service!